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By Echo Lingo on 5/19/2012 9:54 PM

Echo Lingo - Facebook IPO

The much awaited Facebook IPO finally took place on Friday, 18 May. Founder Zuckerberg rang the opening bell at Nasdaq remotely from Menlo Park, wearing his trademark hooded sweatshirt. Priced at $38 per share, Facebook valuation on Friday would be an amazing $104 billion, although that only barely placed Facebook within the top 10 technology companies today.

Under the IPO plan, Zuckerberg would hold 18% of Facebook value plus 55.8% of the voting power. Going forward, the company was expected to face increasing challenges in eliciting revenue from the growing proportion of mobile users.

Another major obstacle facing Facebook was the growing concern over online privacy. Zuckerberg had previously apologized for privacy lapses after users were outraged that their information were being made visible to advertisers. Now that Facebook was publicly listed, it would have to better account for its privacy protection.

By Echo Lingo on 5/17/2012 5:25 AM

Yahoo! parted way with CEO of only four months, Scott Thompson, after the revelation that he had padded his resume to include a false computer science background. 

Yahoo had been a strong technology company since its rise to prominence but had increasingly found it difficult to adjust and compete in the new social media environment. Over the past years, Yahoo! had been plagued by retrenchment and management shakeout. Its market share and revenue had also decreased dramatically.

Echo Lingo - Yahoo

By Echo Lingo on 5/3/2012 9:05 AM

Echo Lingo - Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard

Yahoo! Small Business had launched a new and exciting Marketing Dashboard service, designed specifically for small business owners, not just marketing experts, to monitor and analyze their corporate marketing effort.

The new Marketing Dashboard allowed small business owners to analyze their website’s metrics, manage their online reputation as well as perform other functions like email marketing, SEO and SEM campaign tracking.

In particular, the Marketing Dashboard’s online reputation management enabled small business owners to retrieve and reviews feedback from up to 8 thousands social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter. It also enabled users to maintain comprehensive business listing and provided new listing recommendations.

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