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By Echo Lingo on 1/25/2012 9:57 AM

6. Intel

The global leader in microprocessor industry. Intel had been able to increase computing capabilities every few years with new architectures. The company now faced challenges from new computing devices such as tablets and smart phones.

7. Qualcomm

Qualcomm was one of the largest mobile phone chip makers. In recent years, the company had made attempts to enter the personal computer microprocessor market in a big way.

8. Cisco

The global leader in the manufacturing and selling of networking equipments. Cisco played an important role in the growth of the internet and was one of the first to offer routers for multiple network protocols. The name Cisco was derived from the city San Francisco.

9. Amazon

The famous online book retailer had successfully diversified into selling anything that could be sold online. It had also performed remarkably in cloud-computing-based services and electronic book reader Kindle.

10. EMC

EMC started as a company selling data storage hardware and software for businesses switching to IT as a service. Lately, EMC had benefited from strong trends in cloud computing and ‘big data’ and was poised for strong growth ahead.


By Echo Lingo on 1/13/2012 10:11 PM

1. Apple Inc

Apple Inc was the world’s most valuable company by market capitalisation. It was also widely expected to be the first company in corporate history to pass the $1 trillion valuation mark.

2. International Business Machine, IBM

Known as the ‘Big Blue’, IBM had been in business for over a century and the ever-reliant technology giant continued to perform admirably through many generations of technological evolutions.

3. Microsoft

The poster child of the personal computer revolution. Microsoft played a critical role in making personal computers affordable and easy to use for small businesses and home users.

4. Google

It was hard to imagine that this search engine giant, so dominant in our everyday lives, was founded a little more than a decade ago. Google continued to be strong in technological innovation and persistently ranked as the best company to work.

5. Oracle

First founded as a highly successful database company, Oracle had since grown from strength to strength mainly through a string of acquisitions. The biggest of which were PeopleSoft, Sun Microsystems and BEA Systems. Sun Microsystems also developed the popular Java programming language.

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