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By Echo Lingo on 11/10/2011 11:22 AM

In a move first reported by ZDNet, Adobe had revealed that it would no longer develop future versions of its Flash Player for mobile platforms.

It was the beginning to an end of an era for Adobe Flash which was ever popular among web and video designers, but was increasingly being replaced by the newer HTML5 standard which could operate across different platforms.

Apple’s mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad did not support Flash content arguing that Flash took up too much resources and inhibited mobile devices’ performances. Despite numerous attempts to introduce Flash on other mobile platforms — namely, Android and BlackBerry OS — Flash continued to be relatively unstable in mobile environment.

Adobe had earlier acquired Nitobi and PhoneGap, a major HTML5 open source platform developer.

By Echo Lingo on 11/4/2011 9:23 AM

In an attempt to improve their crawling and indexing capability, Google’s Indexing Team has revealed in their blog that they would soon be searching and indexing HTTP POST requests on the web, on top of the GET requests that Googlebots have been doing traditionally.

A GET request in a web application generally refers to the process whereby a web page obtains and read data from the web server in a read-only mode without making permanent changes. The POST request on the other hand is meant for the web page to modify and insert new data to the web server. 

The new approach would enable Google to index pages that utilize partial postback such as the increasingly popular AJAX technology. Doing so would potentially index pages that stream comments and updates from external sources such as Facebook and Twitter and would provide Google a more comprehensive coverage in an ever evolving web environment.

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